Tuesday, May 3, 2016

St Johns Fairview Class of 1966- Reunion Dinner

We will meet for dinner at Patsy's 334 Bergen Blvd Fairview New Jersey at 4:00 PM on Sunday June 12th.  If we can get to a commitment over 30 we can have our own room.  The only choice that remains is a limited menu with three choices for $40 per person or just ordering off the menu.

I don't want to be handling money so, everybody can just pay the restaurant.

I would appreciate feedback on whether to go with the limited menu or not.  I should have more information when I stop in there in two weeks to firm things up.

In the meantime, if you are certain that you can make it please email me at peterreillycpa@gmail.com. Do that even if you have already told me by some other means so I can have a solid list.

Showing up at Patsy's around 4:00 is just fine, but there are other events.  The 11:00 AM Mass at St John's is dedicated to our class and it will be arranged for us to have a tour of the school afterward.  This will be followed by a walking tour of Fairview and Cliffside.  We will take pictures of the group along the way.  Lunch is still iffy, but if we can make it Nungessers we can hit the White Castle.

If you would like to share memories just email them to me.  Period pictures would also be great. The event is mainly for the Class of 1966, but anyone who feels a connection (earlier and later classes, siblings, Lincoln school kids who used to harass us, etc) is welcome.

Peter J Reilly CPA looks forward to your emails which you will send to peterreillycpa@gmail.com

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