Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Memorable Pop Songs of 1960

1960 was quite the year as we moved from second to third grade.  There was great excitement as JFK became the first Catholic to be elected President.  I had a hard time understanding why it was such a big deal.  The special history books we had seemed to imply that iconic figures like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln would have been Catholics if only they had had better educations,

Regardless this is about pop music and here is the selection from the top 100 pop songs of 1960 that is most meaningful to me.

Theme from a summer place set a record by being at the top of the Billboard 100 hot singles list for nine consecutive weeks.

I don't know what the thing was with songs about teenagers getting killed in car crashes being so romantic, but Teen Angel was probably the epitome of the genre.

The Twist by Chubby Checker created a new Fairview tradition.  As part of the Fourth of July celebration, before the fireworks, there would be a Twist contest.  I never won.  Mainly because I never entered, but I don't think I would have won anyway.

And who can forget the Itsy Bitsy Tennie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Biking? I remember singing that on the bus going to CYO day camp when we got tired of 100 Bottles of Beer On the Wall.

Save The Last Dance For Me seems very evocative of that era's concept of romance.

You know what I said about Teen Angel being the epitome of the teenager dying in the car crash genre.  I was lying.  It was actually Tell Laura I Love Her.  Not the importance of a ring in both songs.  Rings were big back in the day.

That's it for me when it comes to 1960. Let me know what you think I missed.

The reunion crowd is shaping.  There will be at least 15 people at Patsy's and I am hoping for me.
Peter J Reilly CPA is organizing a reunion for the St, John's Class of 1966 even though he is not good at things like that.

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