Friday, April 29, 2016

1958 Pop Music Review

I'm going to go through each year of our grammar school days and pick from the list of pop songs, the ones that I liked.  If I manage to put together a slide show we will use whatever you indicate the favorite is for the background of that year.  Here is the list I am drawing from and here are the ones that I find particularly likable or familiar.

Beep Beep is definitely my favorite.  When we were older I remember Bobby Einhorn having a copy of it and my making him play it till he was sick of it

And then there was the Purple People Eater

How about He's Got the Whole World in His Hands?

Yakety Yak

I don't remember listening to the Kingston Trio back then, but 1958 was the year for Tom Dooley

Great Balls of Fire

Peggy Sue

On a military note there was the March from the River Kwai and Colonel Bogey March

And then there was Western Movies

In the comments section of this blog vote for your favorite or suggest an alternate from 1958.  Be sure to comment here.  Facebook comments don't count.

Peter J Reilly CPA is organizing the reunion for St Johns Fairview Class of 1966, which means it will not be real organized.

Reunion Plan Shaping Up

The main event of our 50th reunion will be dinner at Patsy's on Bergen Boulevard near Cliff Street with festivities kicking off at 4:00 PM.  Some will want to make a day of it though, so there is more.

The 11 O'clock Mass at St. John's will be dedicated to our class and there are arrangements being made for us to tour the school building afterwards.

So what do we do for the afternoon ?

I propose a walking of Fairview and Cliffside with lots of stopping and picture taking.  I will lead the first leg which will follow in the hallowed footsteps of myself, Richie McCullough and Paul Moser as we made our way home every day.  Down 4th Street up Kamena Street where will stop at Our Lady of Grace and debate whether it is better to cut through the little path or go all the way to the corner of 6th Street.

Proceeding down Sixth Street, we will stop at the corner of Roosevelt Street at the site of what was once a vacant lot, where I managed to get my first communion suit covered in mud as Paul Moser gave me a good shove.

At the corner of Kennedy Drive (formerly Broad Street), I hope to hand off leadership to someone else.

If we do it right we will stop in front of every house of anyone on the tour and take pictures.

Peter J Reilly CPA is self appointed czar of the St Johns Class of 1966 reunion.  He keeps hoping to be deposed, but no luck so far.  Volunteeers can contact him at

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Call For Submissions - St Johns Fairview 1966

Planning for a reunion of St. Johns Class of 1966 is proceeding.  It is scheduled June 12 at 4:00 PM at Patsy's Restaurant  332 Bergen Boulevard.

As we get ready this blog will serve to put out announcements and for whoever wants to share memories.

If you would like something posted here you can just include it in the body of an email to

It would really be great if people would start sending me pictures as I would like to put together a slide show.

So far I have mainly been working through facebook and have not identified any way to get a complete list.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have received inquiries as to whether people form other classes might attend.  I am not going to try to broaden the group as I don't even have a good handle on this one, but anybody who in anyway feels connected to the class (year before, year after, brothers and sisters, whatever) is welcome. You don't have to have graduated with us either.  Anybody who was part of the class for any of the eight years is part of the class.

I would really appreciate a couple of volunteers to step up and help me organize things, but I will plug along regardless.  If it ends up just being a couple of us at Patsy's swapping tales, I'll call it a success, but I do have more grandiose ambitions, which I will share over the next couple of weeks.


Peter J Reilly CPA is organizing a reunion of the St. Johns Fairview NJ Class of 1966.  He is not very good at stuff like this and keeps hoping somebody will steal the project, but no luck yet.